Majed AlKatheeri his belonging to the Global Photographic Union


Artist Majed AlKatheeri is a person who is fond of photography and discovering its secrets, he is widely looking for innovation and creative touch. He is also looking forward to a world-class twist on his style of photography. He hopes to bring his career to the forefront of creativity with a global professional touch that is open to the latest in professional photography. It also aims to discover all the secrets of this world-renowned cultural edifice where the world's leading photographers and photographers meet.

The Global Photographic Union includes activists of different nationalities and cultures with multiple visions, which makes it a reference body for every photographer who wishes to refine his talents and make of his career a global one, this is conducive to any photographer and his career increases his productivity.

The joining of Majid to this global institution will make him an open person to the global art heritage and more familiar with the official website of the Authority on the exhibitions of international artists and a huge database can be available to any talented or professional artist.  This would opens the areas of acquaintance and exchange of experiences.

At the end of this introductory portal on the latest news of Majed AlKatheeri, all amateur and professional professionals are invited to make a steady step towards the goal of developing the creative potential in photography by belonging to the International Federation of Photographers and the latest developments.