AlMayedy Production & Aerial Shoot Company is an Emirati company specialized in aerial shooting and media production with long years of experience. We use the best and latest drones in our operations which cover different activities such as photography, cinematic production, studies and researches, search and recovery, etc…

We provide smart, creative, high quality and cost-effective media services to our customers including the following:

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Aerial Shoot

Aerial shooting is our trademark, we combine professionalism with art to deliver unique experience via stunning visuals for our respected clients.



Providing high end photography services for those whom seeking the best quality, we tell stories through images, hunting nature beauty with our lenses and expose it to the world.

 Majed AlKatheeri


When sounds meets images videography is the result of science and talent , and from there we will take it to post so we can we push lights and color into the future of documentation and screenplays , highlighting the best moments in life for your special events and career.