Passion & technology love, these two mixtures were the spark to establish AlMayedy Production & Aerial Shot company, where we provide you with smart, creative, high quality & cost-effective media services.

Mixing all the above with a local Emirati flavor, we put in our clients hands all what they need to catch their audiences attention.



AlMayedy founded by a talented Emirati Guy (Majed Alkatheeri) who started his media journey since 2008, going through many fields such as (Landscape, Cityscape, wildlife, Street life, Fashion, Portrait, Events, Press & Aerial), passing through +16 countries and +100 sounding success stories.

In the last 4 years Majed was focusing on the Aerial Shot field, and he became one of the well-known expertise in this domain, and now he is dedicating all his talent, experience and knowledge to serve you and satisfy your needs.


We are inspired by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, so we are in love with the No.1, our goal is to be the No.1 Aerial Shot company in the region, and definitely will be, because we are putting our clients as our No.1 priority.